“You must do whatever you think you cannot do.”



This week I want to remember a particular meeting that I described in one of my fable books:

“The dragon and the Knight looked into each other’s eyes and, although the intensity of the gaze of the monster was almost blinding, the young man stood his ground and challenged him:

-Who are you, who are you? He shouted at the top of his lungs.

-I am a dragon, I’m the nightmare that is hidden in your soul and you must beat me to get to move on.

Puzzled, the Young Knight shook his head. He did not understand those words.

-I am the Dragon of Fear, who shuts out he who wants to create his fate, the one that can produce what is feared. I heard the call of your inner voice. I come to destroy your future, to make you lose everything that you can lose. I felt your fear of losing, and I am here to please that desire so many humans keep deep inside unknowingly: the fear of losing… The bigger your fear, the easier my job is.

It was then that the young gentleman, looking into the eyes of the Dragon of Fear, realized that in fact it was himself to feed the dragon with his fear. He decided to step forward and stand up. Suddenly, the dragon began to mutate, decreased in size and began to lose that devastating anger.”

Even more than overcoming our fears, let’s listen to them and make them understood. They always have something important to tell us, as they speak of our deepest whishes.


Hugs and kisses,



Alex Rovira