I wrote in “Good Life”:

“Gratitude is nice, that is, it invites us to love. As much for the one who expresses it as for the one who receives, gratitude opens the door to share, to recognize, to celebrate the value of experience and the presence of the other.

Being grateful is to recognize and to integrate. Gratitude generates a double movement. On the one hand, we recognize the other, we approach them in an always internal and sometimes external way, obvious; as the word suggests, as we get to recognize them kindly, we get to know them over again and agree to a new dimension of the relationship that unites us. On the other hand, when gratitude is spontaneous and sincere, we accept what is given to us and take it deep inside. The object of gratitude, from that moment on, becomes part of us.

Gratitude arises from the consciousness and in it memory plays an essential role. For this reason, the fool is ungrateful because it is unable to recognize the value that comes from the other. Because vanity wants nothing of gratitude. The vain, narcissistic and selfish are ungrateful. At most, their gratitude is full of convenience: they express it just expecting to get more favours. For he who is locked in his own self and the unconscious armor of his complexes, has no memory, and neither wants to have any -he does not want to recognize, then. Not because he does not like to receive, but because of gratitude means displaying the grace of another, it does not fit in his existential equation.

At the other extreme, a lucid person may feel overwhelmed, deeply moved by all that he receives. Thus, he experiences gratitude for life, for health, for the mere existence of the beloved, for the appealing book, for the landscape that is moving or that memory that makes sense. But there is also gratitude for the little things that are great pleasures: a pleasant conversation, the gesture, the complicity, that caress almost imperceptible but desired… ”

In the lyrics of this beautiful song, voice and soul of Mercedes Sosa, let’s thank life, for all the good that we have been given.


And, here and now, thanks to you for being here.

Kisses, hugs,



Alex Rovira