Sometimes it’s a good idea to halt, take a stop, break your inertia. What for? It’s not just a matter of physical, mental and emotional health. Taking a stop connects you to the here and now. Stopping to look at the flowers, for instance. To observe every detail of their beauty, their colours, shapes and scents. Stopping to feel and taste the gifts of your senses, to air not only your lungs, but your spirit too. Stopping to watch yourself in the act of stopping itself, to meditate on how hard or easy this exercise in stillness is for you.

In a society diseased by overstimulation, by threats, by dark news, urgency and inertia, it becomes vital to stand still –because if you don’t, sooner or later life itself is going to force you to “STOP”.

How much beauty do we miss out on in our hurried, bustling, fast, saturated lives? Inertia is a dangerous force which tends to empty you rather than fill you. Yes, happiness is inversely proportionate to speed.

Do you find it hard to stop?

Hugs and kisses,


Alex Rovira