In the distance, over one thousand metres high, this tree stands up yet asleep for the winter, in the forest. He is Spring. I shall zoom in to see its fresh green, tender, among the still numb beech and oak. The fog bathes them all, sunset is in and the temperature does not exceed five degrees. It has rained a lot these days, and despite the light rain persists falling down, we decide to go for a walk because we miss it. It’s been a very dry winter and the water falling down from the sky is always a blessing.

The show is wonderful to contemplate even until another sunset comes up. The mist falls from the sky, other mists rise from the ground, and all of them build a veil around the forest. The tree in its spring verdure is notable for its difference, for its outstanding, unique beauty. It opens to life, wakes up, after a long winter.

In Nature we find all metaphors for life, awakening, uniqueness, rebirth. Hopefully this spring may bring awakenings, encourage talent, promote life, convoke revivals and bring us serenity and joy.

Kisses, hugs.


Alex Rovira