I was searching for some inspirational texts that I compiled in the past, and I have found this brief, inspiring one, signed by Anila, which goes like this:

“Everything is based on love and compassion. The rest comes later. In the background, beyond words and concepts, all religions say the same: we shall be emptied of our self so that that other may get in. It is clear that the Experience is just one, because it is beyond words. Wisdom does not come in, all of a sudden, but softly, sweetly -little by little everything will clear the inside. The more we understand, the further things are clarified. Naturally. And the more one progresses, the fuller the heart of love and compassion. Love and compassion are both the beginning and the end, the root, stem and fruit.”

Less words cannot express such a great truth.

Have a a happy day.

Kisses, hugs,


Alex Rovira