In the meadow, away from the noisy world, the horse grazes in a calm mood, quiet, after the rain of a late autumn which opens the doors to the winter.

We halt on our way just to watch this scene. The breeze is light, it’s cold, but the serenity of the environment is such that we remain silently accomplice for a few minutes, contemplating the tranquility of the moment.

It brings to my mind the happy coincidence of a single prefix: peace, patience, pacer [the Spanish word for grazing].

And I reflect on how important it is to give us time to live and “to digest” our lives. Creating opportunities to cultivate peace for ourselves and for others: with attentive listening, friendly conversation, meditation, reflection, contemplation of art and nature, solidarity with those who suffer. Peace is not a passive exercise, on the contrary, it is a conscious, purposeful, voluntary and determined act. Peace, at any level, is an achievement of consciousness.

Patience is, very often, the road to oneself and the other. And it is one of the most discreet virtues, lacking in any patina of heroism or narcissism.

Kisses, hugs,


Alex Rovira