I see the trees getting naked, as every year, and give their leaves to the soil, which fall down in random swings that are purely beautiful.

Yesterday, on my way home, a strong gust of wind got stripped -hundreds of leaves flying around- a family of silver poplars which lies near the stream. The music of the wind in their leaves and their farewell to the stem they were attached to was one of the most beautiful spectacles I have ever presenced. A gift of chance.

And I thought that without this shedding life is not to exist. Without the exercise of voluntary nudity, rebirth is impossible. Perhaps that is why autumn brings so much melancholy to  so many people. It seems to me, along with Spring, the most beautiful season of the year.

Trees also teach us to say goodbye. They show a sort of letting go that I interpret as voluntary, conscious. Yes, trees have no conscience, so they say. But this resignation I see in them every October and November, reminds me of the need we humans have to shed weight, to be able to say goodbye, to know how to make our luggage lighter, and to do it with the joy that comes from knowing how to live with the essentials.

In nature we take all lessons. And every Fall, as this one, this largest and wisest teacher, gives us as a present the extraordinary exercise of nudity.


Kisses, hugs. Have a happy week,


Alex Rovira