My friend Alejandro Jodorowsky wrote this beautiful paragraph in his book “Dance of Reality”:


“Miracles are like stones: they are everywhere offering their beauty and almost nobody values them. We live in a reality where prodigies abound, but they are seen only by those who have developed its perception. Without this sensitivity everything becomes banal, marvellous facts are called casualty, and we walk without the key of gratitude. When anything extraordinary happens, it is seen like a natural phenomenon, from which we can take profit without giving anything to. But miracle claims for an exchange: what you have given to me I must spread for others. We must be united to feel the power. Miracles are neither done nor provoked, they are discovered. When one who believed he was blind takes off his dark glasses, he sees the light. This darkness is the rational prison.”


Interestingly enough, the word miracle formerly was written as miragle, and it comes from the Latin one miraculum, which in turn comes from mirari, meaning “to contemplate with admiration, amazement or astonishment”.

Yes, Alejandro is right. We look but we do not see. If we knew how to look, we would admire so many things… But looking not only depends on our eyes. The deep look is born and dies in the heart. It is a simple matter of sensitivity. The higher the sensitivity, the greater capacity to be moved with such beauty that surrounds us and which so often goes unnoticed. Largely because we can only see “outside” and we recognize something, because we already have it “inside”. Hence the importance of cultivating the look,  feeling, thinking, our Being. And also, besides cultivating that Self, we should not saturate it, but let it breathe, get it clean, oxygenated, to help it bearing and becoming more sensitive to any beat of truth and beauty.

Where are the miracles? Where do you recognize them?

I invite you to take stock of miracles. Thus, besides sharing them, we can inspire each other to consider what others see and perhaps, yet, one has not been able to recognize.

Kisses and hugs,



Alex Rovira