Miracle is what we recognize as the exceptional, the extraordinary and out of reach. Even our dictionary defines it as a fact not explained by natural laws and attributed to supernatural intervention of divine origin, and it also says that it is a rare event or thing, as it is extraordinary and wonderful.

But I prefer the focus on it of my friend, Alejandro Jodorowsky, who writes [free and unofficial translation]: “Miracles are comparable to stones: they are everywhere offering its beauty though almost no one gives them any value. We live in a reality where wonders abound, but they are only seen by those who have developed their perception. Without that everything becomes banal sensitivity, the wonderful event is called chance, and one moves through the world without that key that is gratitude. When the extraordinary case is seen as a natural phenomenon, then, like parasites, we can exploit it without giving anything in return. But the miracle requires an exchange: what it has been given to me I should make it happen for others. If you are not together you do not capture the wonder. Miracles are not made or caused by anyone, but they are just to discover. When he who was believed to be blind removes his dark glasses, he sees the light. This darkness is the rational jail.”

And you, what do you think. What is a miracle? Is there any miracles?

Kisses, hugs,


Alex Rovira