“At the time of death, we will not be judged
by the amount of work we have done
but by the weight of the love that we put into our work.”



When looking for examples of effort, resilience and good luck -that which is worked for ourselves, not hazardous type- the sports world offers unique and exciting cases. Many are the players of humble roots who never imagined becoming a legend (yes, right now I am thinking of Leo Messi). Many also those who, despite health problems, achieved glory and ovations.

Then, and considering the duality of good and evil in their lives, what was their destiny related to -enrolled in poverty and illness or in personal success?

Is our future already written?

And so questions the brave knight of my book “Seven Powers” for his Master’s reply:

“No, my friend, your future is not yet written or conditioned. It will be you who will decide what situations you may surrender to and which ones you may face; it will be you who will ultimately make up what you want to be. You determine your future within the limits and possibilities of your environment. You have the freedom to decide, so make use of it. To live is to take responsibility for deciding, and in the exercise of that responsibility lies freedom.”

Here it is, life is presented as a great opportunity and we can not get lost in a non-existing future. If we let the future erase our own scriptures, we are not living what it really matters, here and now, present. If you want to see the future, create it from now on: the future is yourself, it does not lie in the hands of time, but in yours.

Happy today. Hugs and kisses,



[You can read about these ideas in Álex’s books: “Seven Powers”, “Good Luck” or “Good Crisis”.]

Alex Rovira