“Many people make up their hair every day, so I wonder, why not their heart?”.

A Japanese friend told me so a long time ago. He was my publisher. The wise and humble man who published some of my books in Japan. He died four years ago. The three times we met were placid, for fertile conversation and left a footprint in my memory.

He spoke slowly, as slowly he walked. He had this incredible athletic body, though he was a small and an extremely nice man. He was over eighty years old and was so healthy apparently. His office was completed with an attached terrace, gardened with extraordinary delicacy, gardened by him gladly. He said had he not been a publisher, he would have been a gardener. This also united us. As well as his hobby of collecting aphorisms, and his love for storytelling and melodic piano solos, and the need to escape for a walk in the forest and the field each week.

The Mediterranean and the Island of the Rising Sun crossed paths. It was one of those friends in life you can just enjoy a little. But the few meetings we had will be fondly remembered as long as my memory is with me. It was a matter of “Good Luck”…

I wish you all a good heart daily basis.



Alex Rovira