“With love and patience, nothing is impossible.”


He who truly loves, knows how to be patient. And I won’t say he who wants, as wanting means to be impatient, while loving is to expect for the good of others. It does not mean the same to say “I want you” (for me…) as it does “I love you”.

And also, who is patient for better, knows how to love.

Love and patience are two major ingredients of human transformation.

When someone plants a tree thinking of those who may enjoy its shade and fruit, they are loving and patient. Their effort is focused on the good future of those who enjoy that seed which is being sowed into the earth and watered for the first time.

When someone perseveres and is moved against the face of adversity by the chance to leave a legacy for those to come, they are loving and patient.

Our grandparents, who lived through world wars and civil ones, through terror, misery, injustice, hunger and hardship and, despite these all, they gave everything after suffering and worked assiduously for their children, grandchildren and other descendants to enjoy a comfort that they could not have even imagined, they were loving and were patient.

Yes, those who truly love practice patience -the peace-science, science of peace.

Giacomo Leopardi, the Italian poet and philosopher from the 19th century, wrote this beautiful thought: “Patience is the most heroic of virtues, precisely because it lacks any semblance of heroism.” And it’s true. Also those who truly love lack any semblance of heroism.

Love and patience are two ingredients that elevate us, unite us, that tend to purify environments, bonds and stocks.

Who does not remember that one grandparent who, with delicious patience and love, taught us to tie our shoelaces, the multiplication tables, to play Parcheesi or Oca or to read our first sentences or to do the gardening.

If we made a more patient world, we would live more out of the fruits of love.

If we loved more, we would not have so many urgent needs, so often born of fear, or ego, which is the same thing…

Happy, loving and patient week.

Kisses and hugs,


Alex Rovira