“Knowledge is not enough, we must use it, as will is not enough either -we must take action.”

“Wise is not the man who knows where the treasure is, but the one who works out how to get it.”

If we never do, if we cannot transform reality going by an operational action, no good intentions are worthy.

That knowledge that is not applied, that intelligence which is not practiced, the wisdom which does not help us to heal those who suffer or to create prosperity where there isn’t any or even to enable us to overcome a crisis, is not wisdom: it is the territory of speculation or good intentions. Therefore, you have to do to transform life, as Joseph Conrad wrote: “Only he who does nothing makes no mistakes”.

Non-action is a form of eloquent and forceful action in itself. Passivity is a form of activity that can be ambivalent: it may sometimes be necessary, but sometimes it can be perverse, too. How many things do rot for lack of watering, for not looking after them? How many times the fear of making a mistake not prevent us from taking risks and therefore we just got wrong?
So let’s do, let’s make mistakes, but let’s do willing not to go wrong. That is, the unconscious is there because it is unconscious and we do make mistakes sometimes full of good intentions, but it is really worth making mistakes if we are determined to give it away, to risk for what we want. And as the aphorism goes, if we cannot win, we will learn anyway, because what matters is not what happens to us in life, but what we do. Life is built not only with the actions we take, but also and especially with the lessons that we are able to learn from them, with the reflection and reconstruction of our way to understand ourselves, others and life as we move forward.

Borges used to say it: “Mistakes are cheerful, and perfection is grey”.

I wish you a life full of joy and light.

Kisses and hugs,




Alex Rovira