I get to read this bright Carlos Castaneda’s text over, which I summarize:

“Most of our energy is devoted to defending our importance. If we were capable of losing some of that importance, two extraordinary things would happen to us. Firstly, we would free our energy from the effort to maintain the illusory idea of our grandeur, and secondly, we would get enough power to see into the true greatness of the universe.”


Again I think of humility as a vaccine against all ego overdose. He who is truly great does not need to defend his importance, does not need to influence. He simply lets himself be. He does not intend to prove, but he shows naturally. He does not try to win, but gets to convince others through his own example. He does no tampering, but offers. He does no manipulation nor uses seduction as a resource, but he expresses himself in a simple and beautiful way. Does not give advice unless asked. No butts if not requested, either. He lets the others live in peace. So when you find a man like that, you feel peaceful and regenerated for his contact and presence. For as he does not have an ego to defend, our own ego, by emotional resonance, relaxes, forgets himself, and happily leave us alone. So, that means we open ourselves to the miracle, the beauty of the simple, to the truly human, to life. A beautiful tree does not think of itself, does not delight in its ego, for example.

My friend Claudio Naranjo sums it all up well: “We should let ourselves be.”

Peace in the world? Yes, when there is peace within each of us. And Castaneda shows us the way in the brief quotation above.

Happy day, kisses and hugs,




Alex Rovira