[Unofficial translation]

‘If you could reach inside yourself and remove all your fears one by one, would your life be much different? Think about it. If nothing prevented you from following your dreams, your life would be very different -probably. This is what the ones who are dying learn. Death confronts us with our worst fears. It helps us to see how different life might be, and that vision takes the rest of our fears away.

Unfortunately, when fear is gone, we are often too sick or old to do what we had done before if we had not been afraid. We grow old and sick without tasting even our secret passions, without discovering our true work or become the person we wanted to be. Also, one day, we would become old and sick even if we had done what we longed for, but we would have nothing to regret. We would meet at the end of a life, just half-lived. This arises a clear lesson: We must overcome our fears while we can accomplish what we can still dream.’

This is an excerpt from “Life Lessons”, an essential work about life, about death, about love, about fear, about being. Written by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, always gives us inspiring reflections on the matters of living.

A beautiful and good reading.

Kisses, hugs,


Alex Rovira