Once, I met Deepak Chopra, we just talked for 20 minutes in the waiting room to where each of the two, respectively and on, were going to give a lecture. Introverted and friendly, with a soft-spoken and relaxed style, he talked, and seemed to choose each of his words each delicately.

I remember we talked about security. And both of us concluded, in agreement, that it is an illusion. Because security is still an attachment to familiar issues, and these are necessarily our past. As security is an attachment to the past, it is therefore conditioning.

Yes, the past helps us to learn (for anyone who wants to learn from experience, because there are those who refuse to learn from experience… ). But if we demand a permanent security, we are chaining ourselves to a fantasy that is anchored in the past.

Any evolution implies, like it or not, being open to uncertainty, to the unexpected, to the unknown. So it is worth to be pay attention to the present as well as imagine the future we desire. Out of this and the power of our imagination to create reality, and our willingness to work hard,  we can open new paths to life, although nothing and no one can guarantee that we will achieve exactly that we want. But perhaps in the way we may see what we want is not that important, and we will be opening up to new horizons of unexpected again, so out of thought in the past.

That’s life, a path that will advance while constantly forking and where we have to choose. Can you imagine a way like a closed circuit in which time and again you were required to go through the same place, like condemned, to the end of your days? That path would result in a groove, and even in a pit, deepened by our own steps and increasingly difficult to be left out.

And precisely because it is impossible to guarantee the future, you can only lose the present. Indeed, uncertainty involves diving into the unknown, because there it is all new and the field of possibilities and creation is much higher than what our conditioned past makes us see, and what our fears use to strengthen. With no uncertainty and without the unknown, Deepak said in his conference, life is nothing but a repetition of trite memories that might end up wearing us out. And he was right. Much of the wisdom of living is about accepting uncertainty.

We can choose to be victims of the past and make it our executioner, or we can choose to be aware of this and become actors who create a future that goes beyond what we can conceive today.


Hugs and kisses,



Alex Rovira