I’m working on one of my soon-to-be-published books, ‘Good People’, and I’d like to remember this precious poem by Hamlet Lima Quintana [free and unofficial translation]:

Some people just say a word and
Turn on the excitement and the roses;
Smile just between the eyes
That invites us to travel to other areas,
It makes us go all the magic through.
Some people just shaking hands
Break the loneliness, set the table,
Serve the stew, place the wreaths,
Who by waving a guitar
Make a symphony of homely.
Some people just open their mouths
Reach all the limits of the soul,
Feed a flower, invent dreams
Make the wine sing in the jars
And it is so, as it were usual.
And one is boyfriend’s life
Banishing a lonely death
Knowing that just around the corner
Some people are so much needed.

Because of and for all the good people that abounds in this land: Thanks and yes. They are what make life more bearable when it gets complicated and up-the-hill; they are the comfort in pain, even those that cause the crisis, in the desert crossings, may end up in oasis, or even offshore.

If heaven exists on earth: it is them.

Because of them, for them: kisses and hugs.


Alex Rovira