In Paris, all embraced in the rails of the Pont des Arts, on the Seine, hundreds, thousands of locks are shown to the traveler as a symbol of love. Many couples from all over the world put a padlock on it. So do some groups of friends, and even, sometimes, there is someone, alone, putting a padlock there.

Not that long ago we were in Paris and, walking around, we reached the bridge. With my camera in hand, I started to photograph many locks. There are all types, large, small, colourful, plastic, steel, bright, discrete, key-type, with a code number, string-like, conventional, amazing… As I was taking pictures, many questions crowded in my head :

How many locks were released from a sincere, real, true gesture of love?

How many are shackled there with deep misgivings by some member of the couple?

How many were made with the aim of having a lasting love?

How many were fitted knowing that the relationship was played off and had an uncertain future?

How many partners of which hung a padlock remain so, and if they are not, what happened that led to the separation?

Is a padlock the most appropriate symbol to express love?

And many others…

The image gives us much to think and feel. Metaphor for this life, the bridge, and the will to love those who decided to say so, human beings longing to express and receive love.

And I would like to share this question with you:

Is love a lock?

Kisses, hugs,


Alex Rovira