“Apparently, we never dare because things are difficult.
Simply, we make them more difficult when we do not dare.”



A brand new year and as long as we are not yet down and out crippling about the superstition of it ending in 13 -by the way, being optimistic, it also ends in 3, the luckiest number of all-, we are usually ready to list a few good intentions.

They are, often, goals that prioritize the material and, in many cases, are unrealistic dreams or, more importantly, for those who do not take responsibility to chase a path: that map to our cherished treasure.

But, wasn’t it all about the map being a finding, as a sort of lottery prize? Are there ingredients for success that we can achieve, we can put on a list to wander around the supermarket of wishes?

Just as cooking is an art that can be learnt with impulse and love, and in which the raw material ingredients are essential, we can cook our purposes. The power of purpose is that we get absorbed by illusion, we flow and we forget ourselves and time. We beat impatience, discouragement and boredom because we find that, a meaning. And this compels us to move towards our dreams, visions and projects. Even towards utopia (utopia, a no-place, inaccessible place, which we never reach, but we are excited to search). Like when we were children and wanted to get to pass under the rainbow, in an unrealizable fantasy, but it was worth it for us to contemplate it in all its grandeur. The important thing is not that we make it, but that we walk, learn, and know how to improve even by giving up and redefining everything, and be truly alive in the process.

So far, our meats require, as the saying goes, “blood, sweat and tears”. Blood materialized in love, in terms of putting heart and soul in what we do in life. We then add the power of action, which is associated with our sweat and is the result of dedication to work. The power of consciousness would be the tears, as they express sorrow, joy, gratitude, and allow us to see further. From the combination of these three ingredients comes the real power… our power, our inner strength.

We are strong, then, when we gather positive attitudes -we appreciate the 3 before the 13-, so we don’t give up and live the difficulty as an opportunity, as well as we become the people we can be tomorrow, beyond our today’s fearful self. Let’s not surrender: failure or error exist, they mean a necessary learning process and can be fun, like trying our recipes to achieve the most delicious flavour, like cooking -act- from emotion, following the dictates of the heart.

Success is accomplishment, desire to share, not fiction.


Hugs and kisses,




[You can read about these ideas in Álex’ books: “Seven Powers”, “The Inner Compass/ Letters to Myself”, “Good Luck” or “The Treasure Map”.]

Alex Rovira