“Everyone wants to change the world, but no one thinks of changing themselves.”


The story tells that in the beginning of time several demons gathered to make up the ugliest of their outrages.

One said: “We must remove something human, but what should we take away from them?”.

After much thought, a second demon added: “I know! We will cast happiness off. For many of them, it is the most precious gift, but our problem will be where to hide it so they cannot find it!”.

A third demon joined the conversation: “Let’s hide it on top of the highest mountain in the world!”.

A fourth demon replied: “No! Just remeber they are strong; anyone can ever go up and find it, and if they do, everyone will know where it is!”.

Then the fifth demon said: “Then, we will hide it at the bottom of the sea!”.

And the sixth demon objected to it: “No, no! Remember they are curious; anyone can ever build any machine to go down there and then find it.”

A seventh demon spoke: “Let’s hide it on a distant planet to Earth”.

All of them protested: “No! Remember they are intelligent; one day someone will shape a spaceship that can travel to other planets and will discover it, and then everyone will enjoy happiness.”

The last demon, the most cunning and evil of all, had remained silent just listening attentively to each of the other’s proposals. He had analyzed each of them and then he spoke, absolutely sure. And speaking firmly and slowly he observed: “I think I know where to put it so it is never found…”.

Everyone looked amazed and asked at the same time: “Where?!”.

The demon replied: “It will be hidden within themselves, into their hearts… They will be so busy searching outside themselves that they will never find it. They will be lost in the accessory, in the banal. Their greed and ambition will make them look for the greatest treasure in the objects, in things, to content vanity, to satisfy their egos, to keep them distracted from the essential. Very few will realize that they will only find serenity, balance and happiness if they look within them and then put their gifts to serve the others. If we want to get them away from happiness, let’s put it as close to themselves that they are not even able to realize what lies deep inside their Beings…”.

All of them agreed and since then it has been like this: People spend their lives searching for happiness without knowing that they keep it within.


From here on, the time has now come to accept each and every one of us, that the great oasis of our life, desert or not according to circumstances, always travels with us. We lose connection to the here and now, with objective reality and we miss the joy of our inner oasis and the enjoyment, even more, of giving the world that oasis that we can find within us, for helping our path making Sense.


Hugs and kisses,



Alex Rovira