“Courage changes the look of everything.”



Courage is not simply the absence of fear, but the awareness that there is something important and worth the risk we take, I wrote and identified as one of the Seven Powers that allow us to live wholly.

And, even if we could and should, still have no power of courage, it slowly fades from our soul until resignation, apathy, laziness and sadness devour us.

Those who manage to activate the spark, the passion, do it because they think they can, because they know they can, because they know their possibilities and limitations and work to overcome them. The exercise of courage is not to overcome the fear, but to make it ours, so we can put its energy to our service to lead us to what we want.

Let us not be afraid without danger lurking, since we can fall into the trick of inventing such a danger to justify the fear. By knowing and accepting ourselves, we can discover our courage and have its strength to love, to do, to live.

In these times of economic uncertainty, courage is one of the necessary values, as it is love-nurturing. Love is more than words, feelings and intentions, love is, above all, action. It is consistency and boldness. There can be no greatness without dedication, without courage. The real wealth of a man resides in what he is capable of giving of himself!


Hugs and kisses,


Alex Rovira