This autumn has been full of journeys. I’m coming back to my town, to Barcelona.

At the airport, as always when I land, I’m amazed at the mixture of people, cultures, skin colours, coming and going incessantly from everywhere in the world. Barcelona has opened itself up to the world.

I love this city, with its land and its people, its sea and mountains, its afflictions. I get around on a scooter and that just increases its charms, if that’s possible. I look up at the sky, and down its streets, with the history they keep of a culture, of its fusions, of its pain, a lot of pain, and joy. It’s a city that always beats hard.

Alive, dynamic, a melting pot of ideas and people. It’s got so much life in it, this city, and a lot of joy, and culture, and good people everywhere.

And the autumn light clothes it beautifully these days, for whoever wants to take a close look.

Hugs, kisses,


Alex Rovira