The magic word is: attitude.

The one that can change everything. Turn it over. Turn on the light. Sow hope. Reconcile. Provide encouragement. Illuminate.

That imperceptible inner gesture that makes the difference, that when opened, kind, generous and conscious changes everything for the better.

And those attitudes, we can choose them.

On attitude, one of the great Masters wrote:

“What we really need is a radical change in our attitude towards life. We must learn for ourselves and then teach those desperate that it does not really matter us not expecting anything from life, but that is life expecting something from us. We need to stop wondering about the meaning of life and, instead, think of ourselves as living beings whom life inquires continuously and incessantly. Our reply must be made neither with words nor meditation, but with the right behaviour and actions. Ultimately, living means taking the responsibility to find the right answer to the problems it puts us through and fulfill the tasks that life continuously assigns to each individual.” (“Man’s Search for Meaning”, Viktor Frankl)


Yes, life is largely what we make of it.

And yes, life, most of it, is about our attitude.

That reminds now of something a friend sent me a while ago, and I decided to lengthen, as follows:

    If you opened, close.

    If you soiled, clean.

    If you turned on, put it off.

    If you messed up, order.

    If you broke, repair.

    If you are unsure, do not give opinion.

    If you said, be responsible.

    If you paid, return.

    If you promised, fulfill.

    If you must use something that does not belong to you, ask for permission.

    If you do not know how something works, do not touch it.

    If you can not fix, look for somebody who can do it.

    If you can not do better, do not criticize.

    If you can not help, do not bother.

    If you offended, apologize.

    If you do not know what to say, shut up.

    If it is none of your business, do not interfere.

    If it is not yours, return it.

    If it is free, do not waste it.

    If it helps, treat it with love.

    If you can not do what you want, try to want what you do.

    If it bothers you, do not let it affect others.

    If you can be kind, be so. You can always be kind.

    If you can be responsible, be so. You can always be responsible.

    If you can be grateful, be so. You can be it, too.

    If you can choose a good attitude for the sake of self and others, do it, too.

    In short, if you can, and does good, do it.


Is it obvious, right?

And why is it so difficult?

It is because understanding does not involve doing. Just as you say the word water does not mean you are wet…

Would the world be better if humanity were trained in the exercise of the obvious who does good to others. That is THE unresolved question.

It is a matter of attitude. Of knowing how to choose. Of humanizing humanity in the best sense.

Because we can choose.

Shall we do it?

I am in.


Kisses and hugs,



Alex Rovira