It is a pleasure to compile texts, poems, aphorisms, and to share them with all of you.

Yesterday, reviewing and editing some of them, fate would bring two poems to remain linked on. The first one is written by the poetess Matilde Casazola. The second was written by Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach. And yesterday fate gave me the chance to get both in one song. And their beauty seemed so poignant that I could not but put them right here, to invite us to the present, to the here and now. The photos that accompany them are the gift of this Spring, one with heavy rains and winds, and one with a pristine sun that warms the earth after the storm.

[Free and unofficial translation]

There are many things to do each still:

Sweep the yard,

Water the daisies,

Shake the wings, and paint again

With colors that lend us the day.

Song on guitar

And take the seeds to the wind

And curl up in a secret altar

New penalties that keeps us on the day.

We must do many things;

Return to the old and lost song,

Drinking waters, walk the land

While we know it is still our day.

And imprison the shadow

(She suffers from terrible nightmares)

Is nostalgic and full of folly;

Tragedy makes us half a day.

There are many things to do!

Open up the sun, raise our curtains,

As we will have enough time

Drinking shadows when the day is done.




Do not ask to be free from fear,

But have the courage to face it.

I do not ask for an end to my suffering,

But a heart brave enough to master it.

My eyes do not look for allies

In the battlefield of life,

But if I can find my own strength.

Not have to beg, trembling, for my redemption,

But making it, with patience, to get my freedom.


Kisses, hugs,


Alex Rovira