Álex Rovira pioneers in appbooks with his multimedia version of “Letters to Myself”

Enhancing Books

A new digital book format, the appbooks has been developed. The changes in the format for reading  not only focuses on the device where the text is placed, which includes paper to digital ebook but it expands by introducing multimedia content, images, video and audio. It also incorporates the possibility of sharing on Social Networks. With this new option, we all go from being simple readers to become readers + viewers + listeners + players, more involved -like reading a book with all our senses.

The App for “Letters to Myself” includes videos of the author, Álex Rovira, to help us understand all the nuances of the messages and allow us to share content with others, leading to the creation of a specific community on issues such as happiness and the meaning of life, important topics on his books.

The App for “Letters to Myself” is available for iPad, but there will be a version for tablets with Android system (more at http://labrujulainterior.enhancingebooks.com). It costs tantamount to an ordinary paper book (14.99 €).