That Life You Deserve

That Life You Deserve

The Fourth System for personal realization in a sustainable environment.


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[This book is only available in Spanish]

We live in a deeply dysfunctional environment that is leading us to higher rates of corruption, unemployment, hopelessness and a growing lack of trust in people. We are, therefore, facing a critical challenge: rebuilding, redefining, or reinventing a social and political system capable of giving everyone a decent life, a successful and sustainable living, which does not accept any abuse, speculation, short-termism or predation.

Given the failure of other proposals, this book aims to find solutions that take into account the personal, social and labor aspects, in pursuit of a basic or essential balance that is available to everyone. The alternative posed by ‘That Life You Deserve’ is based on the construction of a system which harmonizes the material with the spiritual, productivity, personal satisfaction, competitiveness with self-realization of people.

Álex Rovira and Pascual Olmos propose a new model based in three principles: the deep motivations of people, creativity and a socially and environmentally responsible technology.


** Royalties from “That Life You Deserve” will target social projects in Ethiopia, developed by the Foundation Christian-Marc Olmos Vente:

The activities of the Foundation began in 2008, in memory of Christian-Marc, who died in car accident on April 3, 2007. Four development projects have been carried out to date in Ethiopia.

  • Energy project in the town of Girmana. Electricity is led through kilometers of poles and wiring, and by installing the transformer in the populated area Girmana Zway.
  • Energy project in the town of Boromo. As in Girmana.
  • Computer room in Zway. It allowed the renovation of 50 top technology computers. This Computer room of the Salesian Sisters recently received the Excellence Award from the Ministry of Education of Ethiopia.
  • Drilling a well in the orphanage Meki. A 100 meter water depth was achieved and supplies water to the orphanage and the people through pipes.

Recently, five more projects are taking shape and will be materialized soon:

  • Sewerage and water supply in the town of Meki (in progress)
  • Electric flour mill in the town of Boromo
  • Large two classrooms in the school of Girmana
  • Construction of a waiting room at the orphanage/ Meki Pediatric Hospital, in collaboration with the Paul Horstman Foundation (already completed)
  • Project power lines in the town of Boromo-Walicho

Funding for these projects has been carried out exclusively with family Olmos Vente funds and through the necessary collaboration of the Salesian Sisters of Zway.