Álex Rovira

A Warm Hello

My name is Álex Rovira Celma.

I was born in Barcelona on 1st March 1969.

I refuse to give up on utopia. I think that today, more than ever before, we need highly practical idealists –stargazers with their feet on the ground. I think that to live in resignation is daily suicide. I think each one of us is responsible, not only and obviously for our own lives, but for contributing with our work to improving the lives of others, and leaving a heritage in the form of service, peace, health, wellbeing, prosperity, love and awareness.

I deeply believe in the power of words to transform, in the power of communication that seeks to build bridges towards the understanding of others, in a perpetual search for common benefit and the common good. I think there can be no value without values, and no good life or good luck without good people.

I strongly believe in the power of goodness, will, responsibility, generosity, cooperation, purposefulness, trust, kindness, giving and joy. I think we need to develop a practical intelligence, based on empathy and intelligent criteria, a will to excellence and continuous improvement; and to see in others not just who they are today, but who they can become tomorrow.

I believe that we need to work, individually and collectively, to leave a better world for our children: a cleaner, healthier, fairer world, with fairly distributed wealth, with opportunities and quality education for everyone, without moral and economic misery, which is nothing less than a lack of love. And I believe that, essentially, what gives life meaning is that –loving, creating and improving the world we were given.

Because of all this I believe life is worth living.


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